Shanna Singh Hughey is a native of Rochester, Michigan and a wife and a daughter and a mother (as of December 30, 2010!) and a sister and a friend and a debater of political topics and a runner and a reader of fiction and an unrepentant addict of Diet Coke.

Derek Hughey is a native of Nashville, Tennessee and a husband and a son and a father (as of December 30, 2010!) and a brother and an uncle and a friend and a frequent world traveler and a lifelong Southerner and a Blue Devils fan and a watcher of endless cooking shows and a smoker of barbecue and a compulsive reader of travel-related books and a longtime dreamer of a trip just like this.

We are lawyers and hikers and photographers and ones who are happiest when eating and cooking and entertaining and new lovers of bluegrass and longtime seekers of adventure and devotees to service work and very lucky individuals.  We were married on September 2, 2007 and left three days later for the trip of a lifetime.

You can read a little more about us and our trip in the following articles/blogs:

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