We were only in Switzerland for a couple of hours, driving through the Swiss Alps to Lake Como, Italy on August 22, 2008. The area we drove through was absolutely stunning, filled with steep mountains and beautiful lakes. We drove through the world-famous ski town of St. Moritz, but were not that impressed. The city seemed much more commercialized than we had expected, especially considering that every other town we drove through was like something out of a medieval fairytale. Shortly after St. Moritz, we found a lakeside restaurant called Restaurant Murtarol. While our seafood dishes were quite tasty and the view was lovely, the prices of this restaurant were outrageous – one of the appetizers was $240!!! We obviously didn’t order any appetizers…











Country Facts

Capital City: Bern
Currency: Euro
Exchange Rate: 0.67 Euro to $1 ($1.48 to 1 Euro)

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