Paris was the perfect place to kick off our year-long honeymoon.   Contrary to what seems to be popular belief in the States, we found nearly every Parisian with whom we came into contact to be friendly and tolerant of our far-from-fluent language skills, particularly after we told them we were on our “lun de miel,” or “moon of honey,” the evocative French translation for “honeymoon.”

Consistent with Paris’ reputation, however, we found the food and architecture to be amazing, and were wowed by the general appreciation of all things beautiful and historic that seems to pervade the city.  In our opinion, there is no better way to spend a day than wandering aimlessly through the streets of Paris, perhaps pausing to enjoy a crepe or two along the way.

Blog Entries We Wrote

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Pictures We Took

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Cities/Areas We Visited

  • Because we were in France for only 4 days, we stayed in Paris the entire time (and could have stayed for a couple of years….).

Places We Stayed

Places We Ate

  • Les Relais De Venice

Paris 038

  • Guy Savoy’s Les Bourguinistes

Paris_Sep_7 008

  • A Beauvillier

IMG_0303 012.JPG

  • Le Petit Zinc

IMG_0324 033.JPG

  • Fish La Boissonnerie

IMG_0350 002.JPG

  • Cafe Luxembourg

IMG_0353 005.JPG

Things We Did

  • Cruised the River Seine
  • Gazed at the Eiffel Tower
  • Wandered down Rue Mouffetard
  • Saw the Arc de Triomphe

Paris 044.JPG

  • Visited the Pantheon

IMG_0308 017.JPG

  • Visited Notre Dame

Paris 065.JPG

  • Saw trial at Palais de Justice
  • Toured Sainte-Chappelle
  • Sat on steps at Sacre Coeure with view of Paris at nightfall
  • Walked around Luxembourg Gardens
  • Visited St. Sulpice
  • Explored the Musee d’Orsay
  • Walked around Ile de Cite and Ile de St. Louis

Country Facts

  • Capital City: Paris
  • Currency: Euro
  • Exchange Rate: 0.73 Euro to $1 ($1.37 to 1 Euro)

Special Thanks

  • We would like to thank the following individuals who gave us a wedding gift that we used in this country: Courtney & Mike, Mandy & Ric, Marisa & Steve, Angie & Chase Wiseman, Kristen & Jason Pursley, Kim and Jason Gumm, Deb & Mark Arduino, Lindsay Kay, Dan & Jody Hallahan, Manisha and Francois and Brad and Kelly Schoenfeld.  We really appreciate it!

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