Our brief time in the Netherlands was spent in the Linberg region, a small sliver of land in the south of the country between Belgium and Germany. This area consisted of small towns, bucolic countryside scenes and windmills – exactly what you want the Netherlands to be. We’ll spend the last few days of our trip in Amsterdam, sampling a very different part of this beautiful country.

Blog Entries We Wrote

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Pictures We Took

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Cities/Areas We Visited

  • Obbicht (June 30-July 1, 2008)
  • Ulestraten (July 1, 2008)
  • Maastricht (July 1, 2008)
  • Amsterdam (September 2-5, 2008)


















Places We Stayed

  • Home of Inna and Lies Gelissen (June 30-July 1, 2008): Ah, how we loved this place. Lies and Inna’s house is full of relics from their decades of world travel, and Inna’s garden out back is full of all sorts of delightful produce. Everything is spic and span, and we felt so at home here. How wonderful it was to be in a home instead of a hotel!








  • Name of Apartment (September 2-5, 2008)

Places We Ate

  • Home of Inna and Lies Gelissen: Inna and Lies plied us with so much food that we were stuffed for a full day after we left their house. For dinner, we had tasty lasagna and some German concoction called tutti-frutti. For lunch the next day, they served up heaping plates of salmon and potatoes.










Things We Did

Obbicht Area

  • Drove, with Lies and Inna’s guidance, around Obbicht and the surrounding area









  • Visited the small town of Ulestraten, including the cemetery where Shanna’s great-great grandparents are buried and the church where Shanna’s great grandmother was baptized











  • Explored the town on foot











  • Got a traffic ticket for driving across a bridge because we couldn’t read the Dutch sign telling us not to
  • Tasted smelly, but delicious, Linberg cheese, which comes from the Maastricht area

Country Facts

  • Capital City: Amsterdam
  • Currency: Euro
  • Exchange Rate: 0.63 Euro to $1 ($1.58 to 1 Euro)


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