We were only in Austria for a few hours, as we drove (1) south from the Czech Republic to Croatia on July 9, 2008 and (2) west from Slovenia to Italy on August 20, 2008.  During each of these drives, we were amazed by the beauty of the Austrian countryside, with its massive fields of sunflowers and large, castle-topped mountains.  Our only stopw in the country were (1) at a gas station, where we munched on tasty cordon bleu and bread with creme fraiche  (Clearly the gas station food here is better than the stuff at home!) and (2) a restaurant called Hopfgartner where we consumed some good chicken schnietzel and a roast beef dish.

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Country Facts

  • Capital City – Vienna
  • Currency – Euro
  • Exchange Rate – 0.63 Euro to $1 ($1.58 to 1 Euro) on July 9, 2008; 0.67 Euro to $1 ($1.48 to 1 Euro) on August 20, 2008

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