• Given that we come from a country where the system of governance hasn’t changed very much in the last 150 years or so, we found Hong Kong–which is right in the middle of an incredible political transition–fascinating. Although Hong Kong’s era as a British colony ended in 1997, it will retain its free-market economy, as well as its social and legal systems, until 2047, when China will gain full control over it.
  • For now, Hong Kong is an eclectic mix of East and West…like China with training wheels. In some ways, it felt incredibly familiar: we heard English nearly everywhere we went and Americanized food was in ready supply. In others, it has a distinctly Asian flavor: on weekends, Chinese woman spread out tarps all over the city’s public spaces and gather with their friends to share gossip and a meal (and, at least in some cases, free pedicures). It’s a great place to spend a few days and a wonderful prologue to mainland China.

Blog Entries We Wrote

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Pictures We Took

  • To see some of the pictures we took in Hong Kong, please click HERE.

Cities/Areas We Visited

  • We were in Hong Kong from Oct. 13-16, 2007


















Places We Stayed

  • Hong Kong Hostel (Oct. 13-16) – tiny and basic, but clean and cheap (for Hong Kong)









Places We Ate

  • Stormies Restaurant – Excellent king crab and – believe it or not – baby back ribs








  • Maxim’s City Hall Palace – Absolutely incredible dim sum






  • New City Cafe – Great beef ball and shrimp dumpling noodle soups (across from movie theater)








  • Outback Steakhouse – embarrassing to admit, but we went and…we loved it
  • Mum Chau’s Sichuan Kitchen – a “speakeasy” restaurant serving multiple dishes of Sichuan cuisine (fantastic!)







Things We Did

  • Took in the amazing skyline of Hong Kong Island






  • Saw a movie
  • Rode Victoria Peak Tram to top of Victoria Peak
  • Hiked around and down Victoria Peak






  • Hung out in Victoria Park
  • Went to Carnival in Lan Kwai Fong







Country Facts

  • Currency – Hong Kong dollar
  • Exchange Rate – 7.5 Hong Kong dollars to $1

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