• Tibet has to be one of the most unique places on this planet. The landscape, the history, the language, the religion and the people are all fascinating. As you’ll hear from us over and over, this is the kind of place you need to visit very soon. The Tibetans will fight with all their power to preserve their customs and way of life, but it will be a difficult battle. We hope they win.

Blog Entries We Wrote

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Pictures We Took

  • To see some of the pictures we took in Tibet, please click HERE.

Cities/Areas We Visited

  • Lhasa (Nov. 14-20)






Places We Stayed

  • House of Shambhala (Nov. 14-20)









Places We Ate

  • Anglamedo








  • House of Shambhala Restaurant
  • The Summit Cafe







  • Tashi 2









  • Tengelink Cafe








Things We Did

  • Visited Jokhang Temple








  • Walked the Barkhor Circuit









  • Visited the Sera Monastary








  • Watched the daily afternoon debate of the monks at Sera Monastery








  • Toured the Potala Palace








  • Visited the Drepung Monastery and had tea with a monk








Country Facts

  • Capital City – Lhasa
  • Currency – Chinese Yuan or Remnibi
  • Exchange Rate – 7.5 to $1

Special Thanks

  • We would like to thank the following individuals who gave us a wedding gift for use in Tibet: Christine Bogaerts, Leyna McDonough, Grandpa & Grandma Doom, Andy & Kathy, Larry & Jackie, Larry & Ine, Tosh & Jill, Ozzie & Meredtih, Jim & Margaret, Clarence, PooBear & Cathy, Ron & Betty, Brad & Marilyn, Leon & Deb, Chad & Deborah, Ben & Jen and Nate & Jessica. We really appreciate it!


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