Errr, so much for roughing it.  After researching the lodging in the area and finding out about a new resort that is offering promotion rates at a fraction of its regular rates (because the place is brand-new and it’s the off-season), we loaded up our backpacks on a longboat ThongNaiPan 025.JPGand headed to Santhiya Resort on Thong Nai Pan Noi.  We’ve decided the resort is a combination of pretty much every nice hotel at which we’ve ever stayed.  Just the view from the deck of our room ThongNaiPan 029.JPGalone is enough to justify paying substantially more than we did at the White Sands.  And then there’s the room itself, the infinty pool and the fact that, 2 minutes after arriving at the place, we were drinking from coconuts and receiving “welcome massages.” 

We spent some time yesterday exploring the beach, and I think it’s even more beautiful than Thong Nai Pan Yai, its larger counterpart.  White sand, turquoise water and palm trees are, again, in abundance, and the beach here is even better for swimming. Speaking of which, that’s where we’re headed right now. ThongNaiPan 001.JPG

Thanks for all of the emails inquiring about our safety after the Indonesian earthquake.  It didn’t get anywhere near us, nor do we think it will affect our upcoming visit to Bali.